Frontals are the perfect accessory for dreamy hair. Especially if you're looking to do a full color change without damaging your hair, or to simply protect your natural hair under your install. Seamless hair cuticles from ear to ear. Virtually undetectable when applied. Light colored lace, baby hairs. Made by hand. Size: 13x5.




If you're using a CLOSURE for your install we recommend the following amount of bundles:

Installs 12"-18" = 2.5 bundles

Installs 20"-24" = 3 bundles

Installs  26"-28" = 4 bundles 

Installs 30" = 5 bundles 


If you're using a FRONTAL for your install we recommend the following amount of bundles:

Installs 12"-18" = 2 bundles

Installs 20"-24" = 3 bundles

Installs  26"-28" = 3.5 bundles 

Installs 30" = 4 bundles

Princess 613 Frontal 13x5

Choose your length
Choose your texture
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  • Please note that all sales are final as we asure you will take care of your hair as if it was your own! Please look to our hair care guide for more information on how to properly care for you virgin hair.

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